Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Luke Hughes

WWWWWW - I was too lazy to scroll down to last weeks posts related to Twins prospects but I believe you missed this up and coming stud. Luke Hughes is absolutely lighting it up with the New Britain Rock Cats. This young Aussie was named the Twins minor league player of the month for April and it was really a no brainer. He's like a Nick Punto that can swat. Apparently they have played him at multiple positions but he appears to be settling in at 3rd base, most likely because that has been a giant black hole in the organization since the God Man was patrolling the hot corner.

Here are his stats in 29 games.

Avg .385
Hr's 9
RBI's 20

Nerd Stats

OBP .449
OPS 1.146
Nerd Appeal 100%

Not sure where he was drafted. Not sure where he is ranked in our prospect list but who cares. Keep an eye on this hitting machine.

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WWWWWW said...

The reason he's not ranked anywhere is because he basically has been Nick Punto throughout his minor league career. Last season in the same league, he hit .283/.356/.438, but before that he was at Punto-esque numbers at High A and A ball. He's always had a nice eye for the strike zone, and added a lot of pop this year that came out of nowhere. Steroids? Maybe, but I don't care. Let's get him up here to play instead of Lamb.

On a semi-related note, former Twin Terry Tiffee is hitting the hell out of the ball in the Dodgers system at triple A, to the tune of a .460 batting average through 31 games. Add an OBP of .504 and a SLG of .683, and he's basically Barry Bonds at this point.