Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MLB Draft Stuff

The Major League Baseball first year player draft begins tomorrow and runs through Saturday.  This year the Twins have the #4 pick.  They don't have any sandwich picks or anything, so their next pick is at #43 in the 2nd round.  Let's take a look at some players of note this year.

Top Players in the Draft

Johnathan Gray, RHP - Oklahoma (JR)

As a high school player, Gray could hit 93mph on the radar gun.  As a college junior he now hits 95-100 and mixes in a devastating high 80s slider.  He could go #1 to the Astros.  Gray is 6'4", 239, and has a bit of a chub-face, which scares me.  Also he tested postive for the amphetamine Adderall, so there are some red flags.  However, he has a sweet biceps tattoo that probably gives him 2-3mph on the heater.

Mark Appel, RHP - Stanford (SR)

Appel (6'5", 215) was drafted 8th last year by the Pirates before he decided to return to Stanford for his senior year.  The Pirates took their money and went home.  They pick #9 as well as #15 thanks to the Boras-snub.  Appel apparently has 3 plus pitches and is very near major league ready.  If he somehow dropped to #4 and the Twins shot the lock off the wallet, he would be a great pick because of his readiness.  Since his is a senior now, he has less leverage than he did last year.  It wouldn't be shocking to see the Cubs select either Gray or Appel at #2 depending on what Houston does.

Kohl Stewart, RHP - St Pius X HS (Texas)

Kohl Stewart has signed on to play football at Texas A&M, but he's also a hard-throwing right handed pitcher.  One of the top college quarterback prospects can also hit mid to high 90s on the gun.  He is expected to sign with a big league club though and forego SEC football for the straight cash of the MLB.  This could be the Twins target according to some things I've read.  Keith Law on Stewart: "He has four legitimate pitches with an athletic, strong build and the potential for two grade-70s offerings on the 20-80 scouting scale. His fastball is consistently 92-94, touching 97, with good downhill plane and some boring life to his arm side. He doesn't command the pitch yet or throw it for enough strikes, which may be inexperience of a function of the delivery. His slider is his best pitch, 85-88 with hard, late break down and away from right-handed hitters, although he doesn't command it as well as he does his hard 79-82 mph curveball. He also has a a straight change at 83-85 with solid arm speed but little action."  If the Twins don't grab him at #4, don't be surprised if the Indians take him 5th.

Kris Bryant, 3B/OF - San Diego (JR)

The Louisville Slugger National Player of the year, Kris Bryant (6'5", 215) plays 3B now, but is unlikely to stay there.  A move to a corner OF spot is probable.  He has major power and his coach calls him a combination of Troy Glaus, Pat Burrell and Jayson Werth.  Keith Law says he has just average bat speed and that while he can hit the fastball really well, he wonders what affect pro changeups and sliders will have.  The guy hit 31 homers in 62 games this year while walking 66 times and only striking out 44 times.  (329/493/820). 

Austin Meadows, OF - Grayson HS (Georgia)

Meadows is a 6'3", 200lb toolsy Clemson commit.  Law says he has a quick bat and can run and has projectable power as he "fills out".  This is one of those high upside picks that a team would have to wait for several years as he progresses through the minors. 

Trey Ball, OF/LHP - New Castle HS (Indiana)

Trey Ball (6'6", 180) is a lanky pitcher that throws up to 94mph.  However, he's also a decent outfielder and could be draft as a position player.  Unlike Byron Buxton, it is more likely that Ball is drafted for his lefty arm.  I mean, look at that lanky effer in that pic.

Players That Are Related to MLBers:

Cavan Biggio - Son of Craig, who apparently sucks at naming children.  He can hit, but doesn't have much of a position yet and may be just outside of the first round.  (Houston picks #40...)  Keith Law says he's slow and kind of sucks at second and doesn't project enough to be a first baseman.

Kacy Clemens - Kacy is the son of Roger and is a RHP/1B prospect that has a plus power bat from the left side.  As a pitcher his generally in the high 80s, so he is likely to honor his commitment to Texas rather than head directly to the pros.

Hunter Harvey - Son of former closer Bryan is a likely first round pick.  He's out of Bandys HS (NC) and has a low 90s heater.  At 6'3" and just 175, there's room to grow.

Jacob Heyward - Younger brother of Jason is a prep star that is committed to Miami. 

Torii Hunter Jr - T-HUNT^2!  Toolsy outfielder that has been hurt since January.  TorriTwo is headed to Notre Dame to play WR, so it's unlikely he signs with someone.

Josh Pettitte - Andy's son is a Baylor commit that's slightly smaller than his old man and

Manny Ramirez Jr. - MANRAM^2!  The prep player is already a beast at 6'4", 215lbs.  He has big power and great bat speed, but is projected as a first baseman. 

Jordan Sheffield - The nephew of Gary, and not in a Snoop Dogg kind of way.  The RHP was considered a top prep option, but has recently undergone Tommy John, so unless he gets some decent cash, he'll likely head to Vandy and pitch starting next spring.

Mike Yastrzemski - Grandson of Carl was a four year guy at Vanderbilt.  He's kind of a spray hitting outfielder that doesn't project much power and just an ok outfielder.  Will the Red Sox throw him a bone?

Minnesota Connections:

Tom Windle LHP - Windle is #60 on Keith Law's top 100 draft prospects.  The 6'4", 215lb lefty has a low 90s fastball, a low 80s slider and a low 80s change.  I've read a few outlooks on him and he's getting the "not a lot of upside" and "mid rotation" treatment.  He did really well in the Cape Cod league and he may see his name called in the second round.

DJ Snelten, LHP - Snelten (6'7", 230) isn't thought of as highly as Windle, but he has a good fastball that can reach the mid 90s and s change-up.  His strikeout and walk numbers weren't overly impressive at the U of M, but hey, he's big and left handed!

Ryan Boldt, OF - Red Wing high-schooler is committed to Nebraska, but is in Baseball America's top 250 and may sign if drafted.  He has a knee issue that might make teams pause.  He's got the speed to be in center field. 

Max Knutson, LHP - Mounds View prep star is also headed to Nebraska provided he doesn't get an MLB offer that suits him. 

Logan Shore, RHP - Coon Rapids HS pitcher throws 88-89 with a change around 80mph.  He's signed to play for the University of Florida next season.  He throws 92mph and has a developing slider and change. 


WWWWWW said...

Rooting for a pitcher. Would be sweet for Appel to fall.

Trevor Wegner said...

Keith Law's latest mock has Appel #1 as the Stros are trying to work a deal with him ahead of time. For the Twins he has Kohl Stewart at #4 wtih the following comment: "Analysis: They have considered Reese McGuire, and I think they'd take Gray or Appel if either one got here, assuming they knew either player would sign."