Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is this Rock Bottom?

45 total points?

21 turnovers?

29% shooting?

The two bright spots were Mo Walker and Oto Osenieks?

Some italian nerd who looks like a clumsier Screech knocking down threes?

This team has gone from sleeper Final Four contender to conference punchline.  I hope to god nobody on the selection committee watched this game because the Gophers look nothing at all like an NCAA tournament caliber team.  I just don't understand how it's so impossible to get the ball to Mbakwe on the block, especially because as soon as Walker came in they were able to get him the ball on every possession.  Maybe Walker is just much better at getting position than Mbakwe.  Maybe nobody can handle his fat ass when he wants to get somewhere.  I don't know.

It's getting tough to write about this team, because what is left to write?  Even if they don't manage to steal a win against Indiana next week as long as they can win their three games against bottom feeders they'll sneak into the tournament with like a 8-10 seed and get blown out in the first game.  If they manage to beat Indiana they can probably survive a loss to one of the shitty teams.  But if they lose to Indiana and drop a game against somebody crappy, very possible since two of the games are on the road, it's going to be another ugly, uncomfortable selection sunday.  No matter what happens, the second half of this season has certainly sucked.

Maybe I'll write more about this game in a day or two.  Or maybe I'll watch another shark movie.  I don't know.  All I know is the most wonderful time of the year has become a nightmare.


WB said...

Is this team still as good or better than 97? Worst call ever! Loser!

Clem Haskins said...

I had Bobby Jackson. Tubby has Julian Welch.

rghrbek said...

at least somebody saw this coming...

I was skeptical, but bought into Tubby because of his early, mild success, after the disaster that was Monson. Who knew our best Tubby years were the early ones?

We will certainly lose at purdue and be a bubble team. Fun.