Thursday, February 7, 2013

Game Preview: Gophers vs. Illinois

I had this preview mostly already written.  I knew Illinois played Indiana tonight and that could change things, but every time I checked the score Indiana seemed to have the game in hand, so I felt comfortable assuming that was a loss for the Illini.  Then, all of a sudden I'm seeing highlights and, spoiler alert, it turns out Illinois wins on a defensive breakdown by Indiana at the buzzer.  So damn.  I'm going to keep the final paragraph because it is still relevant, but the rest is going in the virtual trash.  Mostly because I'm pretty lazy and don't want to re-write something.

It's simple:  the Gophers win this game unless Illinois gets hot from three, which is something they can do and have done this year.  The easiest way for them to get hot is to get a bunch of open looks, something the Gophers have struggled with in the past.  The easiest way for them to get a bunch of open looks is by getting the ball inside and then kicking it back out and moving it around the perimeter.  You know how to avoid that?  NO DOUBLE TEAMS.  Look at that team.  Not a single post-up threat unless they use Brandon Paul to post up a guard, and in that case I still say just let him shoot.  NO GOD DAMN DOUBLE TEAMS IN THE POST.  If I see one single guard double down on a post-up I'm going to storm the court and murder Goldy because why not?


Gophers 75, Illinois 64