Saturday, January 9, 2010

I take it back

I take it back


Dawg said...

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Snacks at the gopher game today. The pleasure however was probably not mutual.

I was able to sit next to Snacks who many know was anti-The Hoff at the beginning of his gopher basketball career and to this day has never apologized to The Hoff or recognized him publicly for all of his wonderful basketball skills.

Being able to sit next to Snacks during the dismantling of OSU was like being an Afrikan sitting next to to a white oppressor during Nelson Mandela's innaguration.

Thanks for the memories Snacks.

In other news, WWW stupidly predicted that OSU is a bonafide final four team. Ha...

snacks said...

As you will recall, my knock on the Hoff was that he was worthless if he wasn't knocking down threes. While his all around game has improved from his freshman year, what is the main value he's providing to this team right now? That's right, knocking down threes. Let's not pretend that if he was still putting up 1-6 clunkers from the outside that he'd be dominating games slashing to the hoop and destroying the glass. Let's hope he stays hot because this might not be a tournament team if he doesn't.