Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Bored at work?  Home?  Church?  Looking for something to do?  Try this game.  It's just shooting baskets.  Pretty fun, but it can get awfull frustrating at times (Imagine Al Nolen shooting in an empty gym, probably like that).  My best so far is 150.45, and I've broken 140 a handful of other times but I've totally lost it lately.  It even keeps stats from everybody who comes from this link so make sure you "Edit Player" and put in a name in if you want to be on the high score list (of course my 150 game was before I created the DWG group).  Go play.

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Whynot said...

Ask me how much I love this game. More than a Nick Punto GIDP. Just hung a 150.23. You just made my biostats class worth staying in.