Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aaron Hicks Future Potential Stats Grid

I know that using batting average is not the best way to evaluate a player.  I know it 100%.  Yet I still care about batting average because I can't shake that part of old schoolness I apparently keep in my hip pocket.  I try to beat it down with booze but like herpes I just can't get rid of it.  Many others are in this same boat, and since Aaron Hicks just passed the .205 mark and he's either my favorite or second favorite current Twin (can't decide between him and Oswaldo Arcia yet) I find myself very interested in where he might be able to get that average to by the end of the year, because that's how many will evaluate him.

So assuming he gets the same number of At-Bats the rest of the way that he's already gotten this year (a pretty reasonable assumption), here is what he would need to hit the rest of the way to hit certain markers:

So there you go.

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Trevor Wegner said...

I was just saying to Pa Wegner that if he ended up at .240 that would be a be a decent recovery since he'd have to hit about .280 the rest of the way. Looks like my quick goat math isn't that far off.