Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twins Draft Recap (post round 1)

TRE already covered the Twins 1st round pick with this post, so I'm going to handle the later picks with a nice little wtf?

I mean, I get it.  It's the baseball draft.  The majority of these kids won't see the majors at all and the ones who will are at least three years away so it's kind of foolish to put too much stock in these things.  With that caveat out of the way I'm still not really sure I like what I'm seeing. After Buxton at #2, they went with Jose Berrios, a high school power arm from Puerto Rico who can get up to 97mph and whose curve ball has been described as "a hammer."  Sounds good.  I was more of the opinion that I'd prefer a college arm to a high school one, and there were a couple guys available who I highlighted as guys I wanted in this post (Pat Light, Pierce Johnson), but I like what I hear from this Berrios fella so I'm all good with this pick.  After this, however, I have some questions.

Like why would you spend the next three picks on yet another soft-tossing nancy and two college relievers?  The guy they took at #42, Luke Bard, is a college starter, which is good, but I've read he's more a low-90s type, which is bad.  He does have a power slider but to quote ESPN, "most scouts see his future in the bullpen."  Great.  Then the next two picks were college closers with one or one and a half pitchers at most who both project to be bullpen guys as well, which means the Twins are spending their time with a whole shit ton of high draft picks by filling up the future bullpen.  What.  The.  F?

Your bullpen is supposed to made up of guys who are failed starters in the minors/majors, not guys who weren't even good enough to start on their college team.  And I know my emphasis was on college level pitchers, but I meant starters, not relievers.  The last college closer I remember the Twins' drafting early on in the draft was Carlos Gutierrez out of Miami and he's now a fringe prospect at best who walks everyone and strikes out less than a batter per inning and he's now 25 years old and on his second tour through triple-A.  How many closers are actually drafted as closers, anyway?  It's gotta be like, 1% right?  You just take a starter with a killer heater who was never able to develop that third pitch and make him your closer.  WA LA!  Of course, I think I see the problem in that since the Twins traded Billy Bullock they don't have anyone left in the system who throws over 93, so there you go.

I am pretty sure I would have gone completely differently in this draft if I was the Twins.  My first three would have been Kevin Gausman, Pat Light, and Pierce Johnson, but then again, I'm much smarter than everybody else.  Just remember those three names in about  4 years.

Looking at the other picks:

#97 - Adam Walker - OF - Jacksonville:  apparently a monster power machine, but scouts aren't sure if he has this hitting thing quite figured out to make solid contact enough to crush like he could/should.  I swear we heard this same thing about Chris Parmalee, but ESPN projected him as a second round pick so I suppose this is kind of a steal.

#130 - Zach Jones - RHP - San Jose State:  starting pitcher who throws in the low 90s and had a 3.5-1 K/BB ratio last season.  Fucking superb.  Guy could have been genetically engineered by Bill Smith.

#160 - Tyler Duffy - RHP - Rice:  I can't find any solid info on this guy so I will assume he's the brother of KC's Danny Duffy which means he throws super fast and can't get anybody out.

#190 - Andre Martinez - LHP - High School:  Threw a perfect game in high school.  Like that's hard. 

Jesus do you guys know how hard it is to find information on most of these guys?  I'm really kind of sick of looking up info on these guys especially because I could just make shit up and nobody would know the difference and also I'm pretty sure none of these guys are going to get to the big leagues, or if they do, it'll be after the Twins ship them off for the next 89mph fastball all-star who never walks anyone and gives up 2 billion hits per inning.  I'm irritated and drunk.  Also I hate you.  All of you.

I'm watching the MTV movie awards (for some reason) and holy crap Aerosmith guys look like a couple of old lesbians.  Not the good kind.


rghrbek said...

Tyler from Aerosmith reminds me of an old set of beef curtains. He's all flappy and engorged. Gross.

The excessive amount of relievers is baffling in the draft. However it is the MLB draft, so after the first round, it is pretty much a crap shoot.

Plus we have Ryan, Gardy, and the Polhads as our foundations....so does it really matter?

Momma W said...

This is all very boring