Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NBA Finals Game 1

During the pre-game Magic Johnson dubs this finals the new "Magic vs. Bird".  The only difference being Durant doesn't get the credit he deserves because he's relatively under-sold by playing in OKC and almost everyone either dislikes or hates Lebron James because of his silly "The Decision" gaffe.


This is however, the best two players in the league going head to head and even guarding each other for the most part.  Also, consider that each team's top 3 may be the best two trifectas in basketball with Lebron-Wade-Bosh and Durant-Westbrook-Harden. 

The first quarter starts with the Heat making open shots early.  This is mostly on the back on three big 3s for Battier, who is going Horry here.  This is different than going whorey, but both are awesome 

Durant appears to be the only one that can score the basketball for the Thunder. Westbrook is doing his choke thing by starting 1 of 5 from the field.  In fact, at one point Durant is 4-6 and the rest of the team is 2-9.  :puke:  Meanwhile, Miami is 5-6 from 3 to start.

D-Fish sticking his bum out...he can't help it.

Derek Fisher just looks funny in an OKC uniform, but knocks down his first jumper with old man clutchness.  The Heat immediately answer though and it appears they'll score 200 this game.

Told my girl to check out Harden's sweet beard and she says, "I'll be there's food in there."  Harden does bury a shot to end the first quarter, potentially giving the Thunder some momentum.  29-22 Heat after one.

These Toyota "coach" commercials are miserable.  GAH.

Die in a fire, coach.

The always EXTREMELY IMPORTANT post-quarter interview with a coach has Spoelstra saying "We're going to have to grind this one out."  Doris Burke's sex change appears to be coming along swimmingly.

On the back of a James steal and super dunk the Heat go on a second quarter 8-0 run.  Ibaka gets a dunk and the Thunder have SERGED up to 50% from the field on the backs of hustle by Ibaka and Collison.  The 9:00 mark is also where Seattle Sonics fans get it rubbed in their faces for the first time.

Announcers mention Fisher is 37 and wants to play after this year.  He makes a layup and a jumper and has 6 points.  Worth noting for those of us that went over 8 points+assists.  :0

Lebron waltzing down the lane for layups...crowd getting quiet in their smurf outfits.  Haslem's rebounding is just killing the Thunder inside.  He has 9 boards (3 offensive) with 5 mins to play in the half.  (43-32, Heat)  Westbrook choke level code orange with a 2-8 and 4 assists.

Scott Brooks' moms had a whole gaggle of kids.  She's also too bitter to travel except for when Brooks gets to the finals.  Westbrook 2-9.

Mario Chalmers looking great out there.  Wolves didn't need him. Meanwhile, Bosh is going stretch 4 like my man Kevin Love.  With a minute left in the half, Lebron banks in a 3 to put Heat up 11.  Westbrook gets a hoop and promptly follows it with a technical, but the lead is cut to just 7 with about half a minute left.  Let's keep him code orange for now. (3-10, 1 tech)

The half ends at 54-47, Miami on top.  Looking forward to more shirtless Tom Cruise rock-star commercials during the half. 

Halftime recap:

E-Trade, NBA Self-pimp, McDonald's, Macbook, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  No sign of half-naked Scientologists.

The difference in the game so far is OKC's 8 TOs compared to Miami's 4 as well as missed FTs for OKC (they're one of the best in the league at the stripe) and the Heat's hot start from 3point range.

Durant hits a 3 to start the second half and hey lookie here it's only a 4 point game.  The physical play has clearly taken a step up...especially for OKC.  Westbrook up to 5-12, code yellow.  Perkins gets a rebound and Rick Mahorns it despite being non-existent most of the game.  Momentum clearly going to OKC and Sefalosha is absolutely crushing it on defense.

Heat call time out with 7:44 in the 3rd.  58-57 Miami.  Spoelstra likely wants to warn his dum-dums that Thabo Sefalosha is trying to steal the ball from them.

Thabo, the Swiss chocolate knife.

New movie "That's My Boy" with Sandler and Samberg commercial on.  Commercial damn near gives me epilepsy with all of the cut-scenes they show.  I have no idea what it's about by that "Shots-Shots-Shots-Shots" song is now stuck in my head.

Lebron suddenly remembers he can get into the lane and gets back to back layups to go up 4 after OKC tied it. 

New Spiderman movie is apparently Spidey vs. Godzilla.


Westbrook is all systems go with 12 points in the 3rd. (code Green!)  Fouls are piling up. OKC is going to need to make free throws from here on out to take this.  Westbrook ties it up with 16 seconds remaining on a fantastic drive.  Hapless Mike Miller hacks him for one to give the Thunder their first lead of the night.  74-73, OKC to end the 3rd.

Oliver Stone has a new movie called Savages.  Another commercial where I have no idea what it's about, but there's some decent actors in it and also John Travolta...and some guns. 

Anyone's ballgame to start the fourth quarter, but probably not the Heat's.  Lebron and Wade taking turns chucking contested jumpers.  OKC up 5 early in the 4th.

Oh yeah, there's a movie about Abraham Lincoln being a vampire hunter (based on the novel).  What's that, 6 movie previews during this game?  Also, a new, idiotic "reality" show called Glass House where fans decide what people will do.

Miami realizing they're settling for outside crap and are busting a move inside.  Heat down 3 with 9 to play.  Quick check on Fisher shows he's at 7 points+assists...uh oh.  Durant just taking over down the stretch with big jumpers and fantastic moves to the basket.

OMGOMOGMGOMG Macbook pro looks like a laptop!

Another Jason Bourne sequel coming too.  I only saw the first one...maybe I should catch up.  How many are there, 10?  Looks like no Matt Damon this time.  It's not your fault, Matt.

Durant with 13 in the 4th with 4:33 to go.  91-83, OKC. 

New Batman movie too.  Bad guy appears to be some dude in a funny gas mask.

Tom Hardy?

2:44 remaining and the Heat are down 6 after two Lebron FTs.  Lebron continuing to make plays, but not getting the help he got in the first half from the likes of Bosh, Chalmers and Battier.  Collison continuing to be a major nuisance as the guy is just all over the place.  You can box this one up, kids.  More importantly, what commercials are next?

Bose has a wireless mobile speaker that likely costs one million dollars.  Eric from Entourage does voice work for Best Buy. 

MIKE MILLER LAYUP, YES!  105-94 final and Durant with 17 in the 4th. 

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Durant is undersold? He's typically considered 1A or 1B in the argument for best player. Great freelance hire, WWWWWW.