Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Musings - Who should the Twins trade?

I'll keep this short tonight since I kind of feel like crap, but I'm just lying on the coach watching the Twins game and the NBA game, so I might as well jot down a few thoughts as they occur in my brain.  First though:  you're telling me that Denard Span can golf a pitch up and over the right field wall but Mauer, Morneau, and even Kubel talk about how difficult it is to hit a ball out to right?  God I hate this team sometimes.  I swear 90% of the roster is a bunch of nancy little whiner girls.

-  I'm really excited for this Dallas/OKC game.  I'm probably going to spend more time watching them than the Twins, mainly because Pavano decided to throw batting practice again today.  It's so annoying when the pitchers decide to do that.  It's really too bad it seems to be a team mantra this season.

- Fairly crazy that Ed DeChellis is leaving Penn State to coach at Navy, no?  I mean, there are a million reasons to leave that job:  the program hasn't been good under him, he's basically losing his entire team from last year, and despite making the NCAA Tournament last year he wasn't offered an extension or given any assurance he'd remain the coach after what is guaranteed to be a terrible season.  So yes, I can understand leaving, but to go to Navy?  Not only a Patriot League team but a middle-of-the-road Patriot League team and a service academy?  That says an awful lot about the state of Penn State, and it's going to get worse before it gets better because based on the state of the program and the timing of this change they're going to have a hell of a time finding a good coach - or any coach, really.  Other than beating the Gophers in State College, I don't know that they'll win a Big Ten game, and will be lucky to get to 10 wins total on the year.

-  So let's assume the Twins don't make some kind of big comeback and are clearly out of it as we get to the trade deadline.  Who could/should they trade?
  • Carl Pavano.  He may be very attractive to some teams because they'd get him for one and a half years - he's got another year after this one at a very affordable $8.5 million.  Not the top flight kind of arm that would put a team over the top, but he could help a team for a couple months down the stretch, and isn't part of the Twins' future.
  • Kevin Slowey.  He may end up getting moved anyway because he's looking like the odd man out, but he would be an attractive pick-up for a team since he's under team control until 2014.  Of course, that may be the biggest reason the Twins won't trade him.
  • Matt Capps.  He's making $7 million this year and definitely won't be resigned after this season, so he's almost a must trade once the Twins fall out of contention.  Someone desperate enough and foolish enough to be blinded by the "save" statistic to give up a mid-tier prospect (see last season.  Oof).
  • Joe Nathan.  His contract next year is either for $12.5 million or the Twins can buy him out at $2.5, so he's likely going to get bought out and I'd expect the Twins to try to re-sign him at a cheaper number.  Why not move him, let some other team buy him out, then resign?  Question is, would anybody want him?
  • Jason Kubel.  Lot's of decisions to be made in the outfield, and with Span entrenched and Revere and Benson the future there's probably only room for one, maybe two of Kubel, Cuddy, and Delmon in the future.  Kubel is the one I'd resign - he's a free agent after this year - but if his huge year so far continues he may price himself out of the Twins' range since they've sunk so much money into the two left-handed nancy boys.  Teams most valuable tradeable asset.
  • Michael Cuddyer.  Also a free agent after this season, I have a sneaking feeling that the Twins don't want to let him go because of all the "little things" like playing multiple positions, leadership, and other undefinable gritty gamerish qualities.  Plus if Cuddy goes, who's going to make sure they get quoted in every single media piece on the team?
  • Delmon Young.  The problem with trading Young is that I don't know how much value he actually has.  I'm curious as to what the perception around the league is, but personally I wouldn't trade much for him even if he still has another year under team control.  Personally I think if you find a buyer who is willing to give you anything you consider valuable, you do it.  And as I'm typing this he fouls a ball off his leg and reacts as if he's been shot.  Trade him.  Hate him.
  • Jim Thome.  There's no reason for him to be on this team if they aren't going to compete for a playoff spot, either for the team (taking ABs away from younger players) or for him (wasting his time going no where).  Lots of contending teams could use a big left-handed bat on their bench, although I would be pretty shocked to see him go the National League so you're trade options are kind of limited.  Still, he could fetch a decent price.
So there's your list.  Not counting all the little minor chips and bullpen depth and crap.  Hopefully whoever it is they end up trading they at least get some decent players back.  Yep, that's what I have left to look forward to.  Hurray.

-  I've decided to become a huge Iowa State fan next basketball season.  200-1 to win the whole thing.  Get on it.

-  Finally, I leave you with this.  I can't decide if it's awesome or super duper awesome.


Kate J said...

Iowa State? Are you nuts? Fred Hoiberg will only break your heart.

Oh, and shut your face about trading Delmon. He's the most entertaining thing going for this team right now. Watching him at the plate and in the field is a damn circus. I LOVE him. Also, the odds of him completely losing his grip on reality is high (see: history with bat / umpire) which leads me to believe that there is more madness to come!

Oh, the things we look forward to...

Dawg said...

WWW - I think its about time to recognize Blackburn and his hot streak. He should be included with Kubel when mentioning the 2 things that are going right for this team. Hurry up with the kudos because everybody knows that he doesn't pitch well in June.

PS Thanks for offering the Hangover 2 premier tickets to me. I knew you always considered Black Snake a closer friend...

WWWWWW said...

1. You are exactly right about Blackburn. I 100% agree, and he's been great this year.

2. I assumed you were going on the Canada trip, and there were four of them - I was offering two to him and then would have offered two to you.

You big baby. It's not like I didn't invite you to go to Colorado with me or something.