Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frankie says Relax

You guys probably didn't hear about this at all, but Francisco Liriano pitched a no-hitter last night, which is awesome and a lot of fun to watch.  But what some people, particularly those who didn't watch and just like to talk about it on the radio, are missing is that this was one of the more underwhelming no-hitters ever thrown.  Not this year, I mean ever.

He struck out only two batters, just the 13th no hitter ever and first since 1980 with two or fewer whiffs.  He also walked 6, just the 22nd time a pitcher threw a no-ho and walked that many and his two strikeouts were the fewest out of that group.  He also threw just 66 strikes out of his 123 pitches.  I checked all starters from that night and his 54% strike rate was better than just Ryan Vogelsong's 51% - the same Ryan Vogelsong who was making his second start since 2006.

In other words, he did the same crap he always does.  Nibble nibble nibble and drive me and every pitching coach in the world bonkers, but this time it worked to perfection because the White Sox (sans Konerko) are a bunch of sissy nancy-boys who swing the bat with their little noodle arms and most of the time they make contact the speed with which the ball comes off the bat wouldn't break a spider's web.  I mean, it worked.  It did, he pitched a great game, and I'm thrilled for him.  I enjoyed the hell out of watching the end, and actually clapped my hands once and said "YES!" out when he got the last out, and coming from a reserved fan like me that's a pretty big reaction. 

I just want people to settle down a bit.  This doesn't mean Liriano is back to form or is on the cusp - again - of becoming an ace pitcher.  Don't forget that the lineup he no-hit is the same group that only managed four hits off the infinitely hittable Nick Blackburn.  So enjoy it, but don't expect him to suddenly "get it."  Sorry to rain on your stupid parade.

I was going to write more, but I just saw that Ice Cube is now doing Coors Light commercials.  Jesus Christ.


rick anderson said...

Thanks debbie downer. No reason for us to enjoy the moment, we should just look at the negative side.

You do realize that the problem they constantly preach about with Liriano is confidence right? I'm thinking a no-hitter may help with that. So hopefully it won't end up being as worthless of a start as you think it was.

John R said...

It's happening... Eric Hosmer has been summoned by the Royals. We better enjoy our cute little division titles while we can.

snacks said...

I find it laughable that people are ready to hand the Royals the division title for the next 10 years based on high prospect rankings with good minor league stats. Is everyone aware that the pitching is a little different at the major league level than at AAA? Alex Gordon was supposed to be a star 5 years ago. Brandon Wood was a top 3 prospect a few years ago and just got let go by the Angels for nothing. Andy Marte, Fernando Martinez, Lastings Milledge, Bobby Crosby, the list of "can't miss" guys in AAA that never live up to expectations goes on and on. Apparently most of you don't know/remember this or you might not be so quick to anoint the Royals the next great dynasty based on their AAA roster.

WWWWWW said...

I'm prepared to hand the Royals the division title for the next 10 years. Ok, not really but they are almost certainly going to be competitive. This isn't a situation like those you mentioned above with a single star prospect. They have 9 guys in the top 100 list. Even if only half of them work out they're going to be in good shape with guys like Butler, an emerging Gordon, and other decent guys and good young arms that are already up in Jeffress, Collins, and Crow.

And don't forget that the Tigers and White Sox are already old and have nothing in the farm system (although they can spend money). The Royals are in really good shape going forward. Honestly, anybody who doesn't think so doesn't know what they're talking about.

John R said...

And if they ever get the balls up to trade Mexecutioner... watch out now.

I don't know man, I just like the direction they're headed and if another team is going to take over this weak division for the next 5-10 years, I'd rather it be them than the other schlubs.

Kate J said...

DWG and John R. I'm right there with you. I love the situation the Royals are in going forward. They will invariably work very hard to screw things up, but with all of the talent they have in the organization even they can't completely tank.