Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Stats

No real time to post anything substantial tonight, but here are a few less-publicized stats and the Twins' leader:


Lowest percentage of pitches swung at:  Denard Span
Highest percentage of pitches swung at:  Michael Cuddyer
Fewest percentage of pitches seen that are inside the strike zone:  Justin Morneau
Highest % making contact when swinging:  Denard Span
Lowest % making contact when swinging:  Jason Kubel
Highest % of strikes not swung at:  Joe Mauer
Highest Line Drive %:  Mauer
Highest Ground Ball %:  Span
Lowest Ground Ball %:  Morneau
Highest Infield Pop-Up %:  Orlando Hudson
Worst Fastball Hitter:  J.J. Hardy
Best Fastball Hitter:  Morneau
Worst Curveball Hitter:  Mauer
Best Curveball Hitter:  Hudson
Worst Slider Hitter:  Kubel
Best Slider Hitter:  Hudson
Worst Change Up Hitter:  Hardy
Best Change Up Hitter:  Morneau
Best Fielder:  Hudson
Worst Fielder:  Cuddyer (note:  Young and Kubel don't qualify)


Best Fastball:  Nick Blackburn
Worst Fastball:   Scott Baker
Fastest Fastball:  Francisco Liriano
Slowest Fastball:  Carl Pavano
Best Curve:  Baker
Worst Curve:  Kevin Slowey
Best Slider:  Liriano
Worst Slider:  Pavano
Best Change Up:  Pavano
Worst Change Up:  Slowey
Highest Line Drive %:  Slowey
Lowest Line Drive %:  Blackburn
Highest Ground Ball %:  Liriano
Lowest Ground Ball %:  Slowey
Highest Chase Percent:  Slowey
Lowest Chase Percent:  Blackburn
Highest 1st pitch Strike %:  Blackburn
Highest Swing and Miss %:  Baker
Lowest Swing and Miss %:  Blackburn


Best Fastball:  Ron Mahay
Worst Fastball:   Jesse Crain
Fastest Fastball:  Crain
Slowest Fastball:  Pat Neshek
Best Curve:  Crain
Worst Curve:  Jon Rauch
Best Slider:  Brian Duensing
Worst Slider:  Jose Mijares
Best Change Up:  Rauch
Worst Change Up:  Slowey
Highest Line Drive %:  Alex Burnett
Lowest Line Drive %:  Mijares
Highest Ground Ball %:  Duensing
Lowest Ground Ball %:  Crain
Highest Chase Percent:  Duensing
Lowest Chase Percent:  Burnett
Highest 1st pitch Strike %:  Mijares
Lowest 1st pitch Strike %:  Burnett
Highest Swing and Miss %:  Mahay
Lowest Swing and Miss %:  Blackburn

Are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?


Dawg said...

What is the criteria to be considered best pitch or worst pitch?

WWWWWW said...

You can find it at It is "wins above average" by pitch by pitcher. I don't really know what that all means.

Anonymous said...

Worst Blog: Down With Goldy

Anonymous said...

Worst post ever! Christ WWWWWWWWWW we would rather hear about the massive amounts of food you ate for dinner than read this steaming pile of shit. Pick it up or shut it down. Its up to you!

WWWWWW said...

Worst post ever? Clearly you haven't been reading very long.

Helton is quickly fading away said...

What do you have as more surprising this year, the Padres, Nationals or Reds? I know it's early but on paper before the season started all 3 teams looked like minor league teams.

WWWWWW said...

I'd have to say the Nats. Definitely not the Reds, because they had young talent and just had to hope it would come together. The Padres are pretty surprising too, but they at least looked like they'd have quality pitching. The Nationals I still expect to fade hard, so I'd say them.