Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Super Bowl of Gambling

Remember how I used to post my basketball picks on here every day?  I'm sure that was pretty annoying, and I stopped doing it because it got too be too much of a chore to post and keep track of record and everything.  I like to lose my money on my own, not by sharing the misery with others.  Although for something like the Super Bowl I will make an exception.  Here's what I'm going with tomorrow:

Saints +5
OVER 55.5 total points
Reggie Bush OVER 23.5 rushing yards
Reggie Bush OVER 28.5 receiving yards
Dallas Clark OVER 67.5 receiving yards
Dallas Clark OVER 6 receptions
Pierre Garcon OVER 56.5 receiving yards
Austin Collie OVER 49.5 receiving yards
Dwight Freeney UNDER 2 tackles
Shortest TD in the game OVER 1.5 yards
Longest FG UNDER 42.5 yards
Longest TD UNDER 50.5 yards
UNDER 3 sacks for the game
Largest lead of the game UNDER 16.5 points
UNDER 3 total FGs for the game
NO defensive or special teams TD in the game
Kim Kardashian WILL BE shown wearing a Saints shirt
Pierre Garcon -3.5 pts vs. Raptors/Kings first quarter points
Saints/Colts 1st quarter points PICK vs. Dwight Howard free throw attempts
Saints to WIN the coin toss
Drew Brees UNDER 1.5 rushing yards
Pierre Thomas to score NO touchdown
Jeremy Shockey UNDER 27.5 receiving yards
Donald Brown 1st reception OVER 6.5 yards
Mike Hart 1st rush UNDER 1.5 yards (no rush = under)
Peyton Manning 1st rush UNDER 0.5 yards (no rush = under)
Drew Brees 1st rush UNDER 0.5 yards (no rush = under)
Mike Bell UNDER 13.5 rushing yards)
ZERO fumbles lost for the game by both teams
Mickelson birdies -1 vs. Manning TD passes

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