Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Half-assed Wisky preview

Here's your precious preview.  Hope you love it.

1.  Who is good on Wisconsin?  Trevon Hughes has reached "unguardable" status and Jason Bohannon is a better version of Hoffarber.  More disheartening than that, however, is Jordan Taylor has become a mini-version of Hughes.  So that's three top-shelf perimeter threats for Wisconsin versus one good perimeter defender on the Gophers.  Joy.

2.  Who is going to be good for the Gophers?  Probably nobody.  Westbrook tends to play well against the Badgers, but Hughes won't have to guard Nolen since he can't read or whatever and instead can shut down Sir Lawrence.  A good bet would be Sampson here since Wisconsin is nothing more than a perimeter team these days, but the one big guy they have is biggish and will be able to push Ralph around.  Maybe his jumper will be falling.  Let's hope.

3.  What should we expect out of Wisconsin in March?  Probably a 4 or 5 seed, and they'll probably be a trendy pick to be upset in the first round by someone like St. Mary's.  But they'll beat them, and then beat someone like Wake in the second round before bowing out in the Sweet 16.  Because that's what Wisconsin does.  They overachieve with limited talent.  Again and again and again.  Must be nice.

4.  Any chance the Gophers can pull this one out?  Pretty unlikely, but the Badgers are extremely reliant on the three-pointer so an off-shooting night would give the Gophers a chance.  Of course, the Gophers can't defend the three to save their lives so I don't see this happening.    

5.  I suppose you have a prediction for us?  It's gonna be cold.  It's gonna be grey.  And it's gonna last you for the rest of your life.

Wisconsin 70, Minnesota 38.



rghrbek said...

Ned from groundhogs day...perfect.

Agreed on everything.

Love the sconi chick, if they would've wore shit like that when I went to college I would still be there.

Instead all we got was bulky sweatshirts and lee jeans. That means we had to base everything off of looks. Ridiculous.

The Todd said...

Fun Fact: I walked by their team bus on my way to work this morning.

Also, I'm sure you've heard but how awesome is it that the Wolves traded for Darko?

God I love basketball!

Anonymous said...

Todd, We are suppose to believe you walked some place?