Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crazy roun' here.

I've been very busy with no chance to write, so I apologize to those of you have been refreshing tens of times per day, hoping against hope that there is a new post up. It would be great if Snake, Dawg, or Sidler would type something, anything, but alas, no such luck. Thoughts on some recent happenings:

- So that US Open was kind of a good time, huh? Got a whole lot of people interested in golf, if only for the weekend. On Monday my boss actually pulled the whole office (all five people) into the conference room to watch the end on TV - of course, I already had it up on the computer, but I joined them for office harmony's sake.

I still say Tiger was faking a little. Seriously, I wish I had it on tivo so I could go back through and see what the results were each time he acted like he was in pain vs. when he didn't. I bet there would be a pretty interesting pattern there. And for every Pat Forde, who advises those calling Tiger a drama queen to shut up (um, Pat, have you ever ready any of your own articles?), there's a Retief Goosen who backs up my opinion. And who would know better than another golfer? In any case, seeing as Tiger is shutting it down for the year, my decision to not pick him in fantasy golf last week to save a start is getting worse and worse.

Lastly on golf, for those out there calling Tiger a poor role model for throwing his club in the sand after a bad shot, get a grip. I could write pages and pages about the stupidity of that opinion, but I'm tired, so I'll just say if you are upset at Tiger for throwing his club, you are a freaking moron.

- Speaking of morons, how about the whole Kobe/Jordan debate? I know 8 billion people have written up this angle already, so I won't waste your time any more than I already am. Actually, if you're reading this, you're intentionally trying to waste time, so I'll say a bit.

Now, the legend of Michael Jordan has grown since his retirement, and memories have a tendency to color things in the best possible light and build legends into greater and greater icons over time, but when people say, "Jordan would never get blown out by 40 in the Finals" or "Jordan's teams would never blow a 24 point second half lead in the finals", they're right. And it's not because of his "force of will." What the hell does that even mean? You can't will a team to do anything unless you have magic powers like Harry Potter or Jesus. You can, however, inspire a team due to your leadership. Make no mistake, Jordan could be a jerk at times, but he also commanded respect from his teammates. With Kobe, he's a jerk all the time, and you get the feeling his teammates all hate him - and probably his kids too. Jordan matured, so it's not like it's too late for Kobe to mature into a competent leader, but he's got a long way to go.

Hey, I just flipped on the Twins' game and saw Delmon Young chase the first pitch of the at-bat - which was outside - and hit a weak groundball. Weird.

Anyway, I'm clearly in the "happy for KG" camp, as opposed to the "F KG" camp, so I'm pretty happy for him, weird, rambling, semi-coherent interview aside. Not to mention Pierce and Shuttlesworth. The worst thing ever is the idiotic Minnesota fans calling into radio shows saying how if we could have kept Ray Allen instead of trading him for Marbury this could have been our championship. Hey idiots, two problems - 1. They'd still be missing a Paul Pierce, the #1 reason they won the title (KG was the #1 reason they got there, Pierce why they won), and 2. they never wanted Allen, he was going to be traded to Mi-lee-wau-kay (Algonquin for "the good land") from the get go. If the Wolves were going two guard, they were going with Kerry Kittles who, like most Wolve picks, is out of the league.

- The NBA Draft is right around the corner (please pick Jerryd Bayless) and, as usual, there are some very bad decisions being made. Some of the worst would be CJ Giles (Oregon State), Kalen Grimes (Missouri), Reggie Huffman (UAB), Shawn James (Duquesne), and Walter Sharpe (UAB) - none of whom are likely to be drafted at all. Two very curious decisions are Luc Richard Mbah a Moute from UCLA, Davon Jefferson of USC, and Bill Walker of Kansas State. Mbah a Moute has decided not to withdraw his name, despite no assurances of being drafted at all. Mbah a Moute has been a quality player for UCLA, but needs another year to shake of injury concerns and hone is offensive game. Jefferson had an awesome freshman season, playing with OJ Mayo, but did not distinguish himself enough to be lotto material. After a poor showing at the Orlando predraft camp, he's looking like a second rounder and should have pulled out and given himself a year to improve. Walker hurt his knee in a private workout for the Hornets, and remained in the draft nonetheless. He missed most of the year two seasons ago with a knee injury, recovered and played well last season and was looking like a late first round selection. Now, having not played in Orlando and having only two private workouts, he's almost certainly going to slip into the second round based on injury concerns. Another year with K State, with him being the man, could have vaulted him into the lotter if he could have stayed heatlhy.

There were some smart players who pulled out, including Antonio Anderson, Chase Budinger, and AJ Abrams, who will all have the chance to prove they are big time players and improve their draft position. Other good choices were Derrick Caracter of Louisville (needs to show more consistency and discipline), Ty Lawson (needs to show he can shoot), Robert Vaden (better ballhandling skills), and Lester Hudson (play against better competition).

- It's nice to see Cristian Guzman back in the metrodome, the same place that destroyed his soul and his game back in the second half of 2001. What a complete fall off the map. And the Nationals signed him in 2004 for four years, $17 million. He managed to play 142 games his first year with them, and hit .219/.260/.314 on his way to an OPS+ of 53 (almost identical to last year's Punto), the worst among regular players that year. Then missed all of 2005 and 75% of 2006 with an injury - all while makeing $4.2 million each year. And guess what, he's in a contract year now, so of course he's hitting .316 with some power, and will likely be the Nationals' All-Star representative. In a contract year, imagine that.

- What is up with the roller bags for laptops now? Seriously, it's gotten to the point where people can't even carry a laptop bag on their shoulder? I get it for girls, since they have a purse and what not, but for dudes? Come on guys, get it together.

- Finally, since I know you want it, here's the latest picture of baby W.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, how cute.


snacks said...

ummm....seriously? we find out Tiger has a torn ACL and a stress fracture in his tibia, and you still say he's faking? Are you retarded or something? (By the way, its clear Goosen's comments were all made before we found out the extent of the injuries)

snacks said...

As for the draft, I like that Bill Walker is slipping. If he could have come straight out of high school he would have been a top 5 pick. As it stands, the wolves could take a chance and nab him in the second round which would be a steal. Also, and I know you are going to hate me for this, I think they should take Mayo. He definitely has the most "superstar" potential after Rose and Beasley and that should be what you are looking for at 3, not a solid contributor like Lopez.

WWWWWW said...

Seriously, he only acted hurt after his bad shots. I'm not kidding. It's a fact.

And I still say Bayless, who also has all kinds of star potential and I think will be a better pro than Mayo. Plus, can you see this state embracing a guy like Mayo? He'd be out of here as soon as his rookie contract was up. And definitely not Lopez.

bob said...

I think the Wolves are going to make a run at Beasely somehow.

Also, I believe Tiger was playing it up. And Goosen stood by his comments even after finding out about the injury.

SLombardozzi#4 said...

Beasley will be a poor mans Anthony Mason in 2 years.

WWWWWW said...

There is no possible way they can get Beasley. Would a team even do it for #3 + Foye? You'd have to give them Jefferson and that's just silly.

Bear said...

W - I love how you place pictures of your daughter and the end of your most idiotic posts. That way, we feel extremely guilty about ripping her father apart, very clever.

I watched all of Tiger's Sat/Sun/Mon rounds off of the DVR. There were plenty of times where he put the ball in the fairway and still grimaced. You only focused on the times he grimaced and missed the fairway because you are an extremely negative person.

I find it amazing that Goosen knows what another person is going through physically. Is that some type of superpower? I can't for the life of me figure out why "Apartheid" Retief is sandbagging Tiger.

That A. Mason comment made me laugh. I'm picturing Beasley, day of the draft, having something completely absurd shaved into his head, so he can look cool at the draft.

Capt. Obvious said...

You know what has always perplexed me about preggo women is that after they push that little bundle of joy out the trap door, after 9 months of nothing but "oh I feel fat" and "this sure is uncomfortable", they go out and but these ridiculous backwards backpack things to harness the kid back up to the same spot the damn thing was in when all the complaining was going on. I know post partum depression and all but cripes get a grip and get a stroller.

Faldo said...

If you watched the replay on the golf channel last night he actually hit quite a few shots well and then grimiced in pain. The announcing crew even made note of it several times.

WWWWWW said...

I stand corrected on Tiger.

SLombardozzi#4 said...

Word is that Mchale loves Brooklyn Lopez, what a disaster that will be, might as well call up Laetner and the Rifelman and trade out of this spot, McHale is a bum.

Also favorite all time quote for the week. Watching the Rockies/Ingins game " If the baseball season was 1 month long, Rafael Furcal would definately have gotten votes for MVP" Thanks for the insight dick too bad it isn't, but good point anyway. Sounds like Blyleven almost

Baby WWWW said...

Capt. Obvious- You are a moron and know nothing about being knocked up. Although you sound like you have a vagina so maybe you will have the pleasure someday.
Having something growing inside of you stretching your skin and strapping something onto you so in no way the same.
Your and idiot.

Anonymous said...

Man, talk about the sports abyss. Yaadaat!