Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings

-  Even though the Twins are terrible this year this still could end up being a pretty fun season.  If nothing else, they're at least finally agreeing with everyone else and realizing they're terrible so they're going to see what they have for the future.  So we're going to get full seasons of Chris Parmelee and Brian Dozier to see what they can offer in the future.  We're going to see extended tryouts for Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Arcia (who got his first career hit tonight in his first career at-bat which is probably like, the first time that's ever happened in MLB history) and get a chance to find out if Darin Mastroianni or Joe Benson can be a fourth outfielder someday.

It sucks that the pitching rotation is basically made up of crappy guys who are crappy, but you're going to watch 30 starts out of Vance Worley and Scott Diamond so we can see where they could slot in the future rotation.  Liam Hendriks and Cole Devries should get 20+ starts each so we can figure out if they have a future.  Sam Deduno should get a decent shot to see if he can carry over any of his WBC success.  Kyle Gibson should hit the bigs at some point this year, and with a little luck maybe we'll see at least one of Alex Meyer and Trevor May as well.

Yes they'll be terrible, but at least they'll be terrible with young guys who are fun.  Even Pedro Florimon is a little bit fun, what with all the bunting for hits.

- That Masters was pretty effing awesome, no? I won't rehash everything since you've either watched it, read about it, or don't care but I love it when somebody like Adam Scott, who is dealing with that "great player who hasn't won a major" pressure wins one, especially Augusta, because their reactions are like watching the One Shining Moment of golf.  I have no problem with Tiger, I don't hate him or anything but I don't really want to make love to him either, but watching him win is fun too because of the "greatest of all-time" thing, but I'd much rather somebody like Scott win.

That majors pressure just fascinates me with how it affects everyone a little differently.  It was really weighing down on Phil but he managed to get passed it, but Sergio Garcia has let it beat him so far down he's reached the point where he says himself that he doesn't think he's good enough to win a major, while despite 10 career top 10s in majors Steve Stricker doesn't seem to be bothered at all.  Similarly, the two younger guys you heard this about - Luke Donald and Adam Scott - seemed to be on opposite ends of the spectrum as well with Donald seeming to be more relaxed about it and Scott feeling some pressure, and if you want to throw Ian Poulter in that mix I can almost feel the steam coming off of him when it comes to majors.  For some reason I dig Poulter so I hope he's next, but Lee Westwood better hurry up to before his window closes.  Actually I'm calling my shot right now - it's between Westwood and Poulter for the British Open.  Book it.

-  Have you seen what's going down with Purdue's hoops team right now?  Guard Anthony Johnson announced he's transferring, making the third player (Sandi Marcius and Jacob Lawson were the other two) who has bounced from the Boilers this offseason.  Losing these three isn't a killer or anything as all averaged less than 20 minutes and 5 points per game and Purdue has three Rivals Top 150 guys coming in next season, but losing three of your rotation guys is still a bit alarming.  Also keep in mind that Johnson already redshirted, which means that if he transfers to a D-I school he loses an entire year of eligibility when he sits out so you know he really, really wanted out.

I'm sure Painter has everything under control (like I mentioned, great class coming in) it's just odd to see this kind of mass exodus when a coach is already entrenched for eight years and when added to the Kelsey Barlow thing last year it kind of makes you scratch your head.  It's probably nothing, but if it's something, remember how smart I am.  Otherwise forget it.

- The Seahawks signed Antoine Winfield?  Sweet jesus do they just follow the Vikings around waiting to see what they've dropped?  In the last three years 46% of Viking players they got rid off ended up on Seattle according to these numbers I just made up.  How's Sidney Rice, who I believe is behind Doug Baldwin on the depth chart these days, working out?  Maybe the Vikings can use this infatuation to their advantage.  You know, they could be all like, "Hey, if Russell Wilson gets hurt you guys really need somebody with a similar skill set.  How about Joe Webb" and then they'd trade a 5th round pick for him.  I'm a genius.

-  Lastly, Ramon Ortiz is back in the majors.  Yes, that one.  This disturbs me greatly.  Although I did learn his middle name is Diogenes, which I kind of like, so I guess I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

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