Friday, November 2, 2012

Quick Gopher Thoughts

A couple of quick thoughts on the Gopher exhibition game, just really quick because you can't really learn much when they play somebody like Mankato, and also because I know TRE is working on a T-Wolves preview:

-         -  Rodney scored the first two baskets of the game by posting up and hitting a running lefty hook shot and an up and under double pump.  Was very pleasantly surprised.  He’s clearly worked on some post moves.

-      -   Mbakwe didn’t start but came in about halfway through each half (standing O from me, grandslam, TRE, the student section, and maybe a few other people first time he came in).  Looked ok, but on one play when he challenged a three-pointer he didn’t look like he had the same lift he used to when he jumps.  Didn’t play all that much.

-        -  Oto hit a three, made a steal on a pass, and did the pull up 3 pointer heat check on the break.  Nothing but backboard.

-        -  Charles Buggs is not who I hoped he was, at least not yet.  Very wooden, looked a little bit lost, and got beat three different times to inside position on a free throw when he was in the first spot.  Not very impressive.  That said, he's got four years to prove me right. 

That’s really it.  They handled Mankato from the opening tip which I suppose is a good sign, or rather they didn’t let them hang around which would have been a bad sign, so it’s neutral.  Which is better than bad.


Calling Out Your Shit said...

Is Buggs the next Three-Time-All-Big-Ten Sampson-esque pick?

WWWWWW said...

Antoine Broxsie, Rico Tucker, Ralph Sampson - Buggs could be next.

Trevor Wegner said...

I still say Buggs would have had more minutes if Tubby could actually see him there on the bench.