Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ohio State

1.  I'm not going to recap this right now because I'm kind of drrrruuunnnnnj.

2.  I might not recap this later because meh but I promise I will try to remember to do it.

3.  I know people have been saying this for years and years, but after tonight I am 100% on the Rodney Williams has a retarded amount of potential train.  He was basically unguardable tonight.  He needs to be in the gym this summer every day taking 1000 jump shots per day.  Adding a jump shot to the rest of his skill set?  And what if he added a left hand drive as well?  Oh my god.  I'm gonna think about that when I give my wife her valentine's day present.  :wink:


Dawg said...

Dear Refs from MN vs OSU,

1) It is goal tending when the ball hits the backboard and is heading straight towards the rim and then a player from the opposing team swats the ball preventing it from going through the rim.

2) It's ok to call fouls when a guy rebounds the ball and a little bitch from OSU hacks at the rebounders wrists forcing the ball loose. This happened on at least 3 occasions.

3) Jared Sullinger is good enough, he doesn't need your bail out calls especially on the road. How about helping out Ralph when he is at home and his dad is thinking "is this pussy really my son? I think I'm going to put lit cigarettes out on his back later." His self esteem and self worth could really benefit from some home cooking.

4) How do you call a foul on Elliot when an OSU guy smacks his head into his back?

5) The gophers were the home team. This is suppose to mean something in basketball. Away teams should have twice as many fouls at a minimum. See Wisconsin and Bo Ryan. Please send the ref crew that acknowledges this unwritten rule for our remaining home games.



unused bar of soap said...

I am guessing your valentines present to the wife was bathing yourself?

snacks said...

I actually came to the conclusion at the game last night that Rodney is far and away a bigger disappointment so far in his career than Ralph. I turned to OMW a couple of times to mention that not a single player on the court, including Sullinger, could have made a play that Rodney made. His potential is nearly unlimited. And, seriously, why the fuck did we ever think Ralph was supposed to be so good in the first place? If he wasn't related to his Dad I bet we never would have had such high expectations.

And while it is hard to get an accurate sense of the officiating when you are at the game without the benefit of replay, it sure as shit did seem like Sullinger was getting some serious star treatment out there.

amiller92 said...

Can we make it 3000 a day instead?

Otherwise, you are exactly right. Rodney needs to spend the off season learning to shoot a consistent jumper.

Unfortunately, this will be the third off season where that is true.

Shawn Bradley Guy said...

Officiating...I teeter back and forth on whether or not to complain about it, because in all honesty it pretty much means your team sucks...

However, I'm done with Ed Hightower. It's sad that I even know his name but he'll call shit that's right under another refs nose. Why is he making the call from 30 feet away and there's a ref a couple feet away watching the same play...and the other refs just let his ass run the show. My favorite Ed Hightower call of the night is Sullinger picks up loose rebound on offensive glass, has back to basket, flips up a lazy ass shot attempt from his hip while he still having his back to the basket. We get called for the foul because Jared throws is ass backwards into a Gopher. He flat out didn't deserve that call. And it's even more frustrating knowing that Ohio State and Michigan State were just playing rugby on Saturday night...and nothing was called ALL game.

Depressed Gopher Fan said...

Ralph is disappointing because he's basically the same player he was as a freshman. He was a very good freshman. Not a Sullinger or someone like that, but maybe a Meyers Leonard (except less annoying and he never assaulted another man's face). The difference is, Leonard is better than he was last year. Sampson disappeared for a while and made some stupid turnovers, but you could excuse it because it was just a freshman being a freshman. Then you saw great passes, blocked shots, and sweet-looking 20ft jumpers and saw all the potential in the world. He never really bulked up, though. He never really expanded his game. He let Mbakwe be "the man" in the post last year and fully intended for that to happen again. Ralph isn't half as frustrating when he's sharing the paint with a guy like that.

Rodney is just a freak, in the good way. The problem is, they're still trying to shoehorn a basketball player into that freakishly athletic body. If he ever figures it out (and I get the sense that he's starting to), look out. I mean, there were some times last night where he made Sullinger and Buford look like NDSU benchwarmers. If he can do that 35 minutes a night and add a somewhat reliable jump shot, he can be as good as anyone.

Will he do it? No. He's a Gopher.