Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Stuff

I realize it makes more sense to have this post up Friday morning rather than Friday night because I can't imagine anyone other than the deranged and the incredibly lonely read this blog on the weekend, particularly Super Bowl weekend, but I really didn't feel like writing before now.  I passes several very fun offers of things to do tonight to write this for you, so you better read it.  Also I lied just now.  My Friday plans are pretty much set in stone every week and it's called put the kids to bed, have a drink while watching some stupid tv show, and go to bed early.  I'M A DYNAMO!

First order of business would be a preview for Sunday's game against Nebraska, but I don't really feel like making an entire post about the crap factory that is Tubby Smith's squad.  According to Loretta8 from Sippin' on Purple, whose Northwesterners just beat them by 10, their big men didn't do anything against David freaking Curletti, they have a couple of ok guards who can get hot from three, and they play terrible defense.  Sounds great. confirms they aren't a very good defensive team, Bo Spencer is a guy who can get way hot and possible win a game on his own, and even though Jorge Brian Diaz is their center who was supposed to take the leap in his third season he's actually regressed to the point where he's averaging a career low in minutes and only played 18 against Northwestern.

Sounds like a game the Gophers should win, but after that debacle against Iowa I don't see how you can possibly trust this team.  You could just say they're completely terrible, but then again they won at Indiana so you can't just write them off on the road.  The Gophers are officially your crazy cousin who lives in New York and once showed up at Thanksgiving in a Misfits t-shirt with those weird plug things in her ears and pink hair and a boyfriend with a face tattoo with news she dropped out of college to play the harmonica for an underground thrash band, but then showed up for Christmas in a prim and proper button up pink sweater driving a Honda Civic and announced she had just enrolled at Moody Bible College and then stayed up all night playing cribbage with your mom and drinking green tea.  I have no idea what to expect.  Still, Wikipedia tells me Nebraska is a terrible program and I can't quite bring myself to quit on this season even though Tubby probably has.  Gophers 65, Huskers 61.

-  I suppose the other big news is that there's the Super Bowl this weekend and everybody keeps bugging me to know my pick.  Well fine, my bet to win the Super Bowl at TopBet is the Giants, although the smart money is on Giants +3.  New York's offense isn't that much worse than New England's, but their defense is infinitely better.  Of course, I'm pretty sure my opinion on this is not to be trusted because the only thing I hate more than Boston/New England fans are people who wear stupid hats and listen to Coldplay.  Honestly if somebody told me that I could choose who wins this Super Bowl and if I choose New England all hunger and poverty in the world would be wiped out I'd need like 48 hours to decide.  So yes, my opinion is slightly skewed but I think it's a legit thought.

Of course, on the other side is that everyone, and I mean everyone, loves the Giants +3 and usually when something like that happens you're wrong because people are idiots.  And they have Gronkowski, who is probably not even hurt and even if he is like it will matter.  They'll give him some of that Bud Kilmer magic juice and he'll rack up 3 TDs in the first half.  Gronky for MVP.  You heard it hear first.


Adam said...

Tubby actually seems to be showing more flexibility than ever (see, substitution patterns, flex). Hard to call that giving up.

David Duke said...

Wwwww, that pic of tubby with the red line through his face makes you look like a full fledged racist instead of you typical closet racism. Well done!