Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everyone from Kentucky is Going Pro

This started out as another six things post, but I got kind of bored and drunk and so I'm just going to make it a Kentucky-related post, since there's such demand for Kentucky related news on this blog.  Really though, what do you want me to do, write an entire post about how bad the Twins suck?  I already did that.

Everyone from Kentucky is going pro.  Well not everyone, but three starters:  point guard Brandon Knight, power forward Terrence Jones, and small forward DeAndre Liggins (who was nice enough to make me some cash).   With so many other top of the draft talents opting to stay in school it makes a lot of sense for both Knight and Jones to make the jump, assuming they aren't concerned about the lockout because they have both become lottery locks with Knight having a shot at the top 5 and Jones top 10 depending on individual workouts and all that other jazz NBA general managers do that is mostly unnecessary.  All you have to do is watch them to know they're both physical freaks, Knight has more polish, neither is going to do much in his rookie year, and Knight's tweenerish status makes him much more bust likely, but Jones is slightly crazy so he's a risk too.  In a year where the top 10 picks could include a white boy from Utah who doesn't play any defense and can't function without the ball as well as 3-4 Euros, what are you gonna do?  Gotta pick somebody.

Liggins, on the other hand, is a bit of a curious case considering he averaged just 8.6 points and 4 rebs per game, his best trait is his defense, and he isn't the physical specimen the other two are.  He's currently projected as a late second-round pick at best so I'm guessing this is more of a "test the waters/get GM feedback" type of situation and Liggins will be back at Kentucky next year - assuming he's been going to class, which at Kentucky is no given.  Actually at Kentucky it probably wouldn't matter anyway since they're just a bunch of cheating cheaters with King Cheater in charge.

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