Friday, September 17, 2010


FACT:  Joe Mauer, by all accounts and excellent all-around defensive catcher, has thrown out 27% of base stealers this year, third in the American League and sixth in the majors.  Pretty good.

Drew Butera has thrown out 41% of base stealers, a number that would rank him first in the AL and third in the majors if he enough playing time.  Even more impressive, he's done it while catching mainly for Carl Pavano, by all accounts one of the slowest in the majors to the plate. 

And that is how you stay in the majors when you're hitting .184, don't walk, and have almost no power (he has one of the 10 worst OPS numbers amongst players this year with 100 plate appearances - as did Brendan Harris).  He's going to make the playoff roster, and might even end up starting a game.  Personally, I'd rather just put Mauer back there when Pavano pitches so you don't have to take Thome or Kubel out of the linup, but we'll see what Gardy goes with.  I like to think he's smart enough to make the right call here, but I also like to think he's smart enough to not overuse the sacrifice bunt and we all see where that's gotten us.

Getting ahead of myself here, but how badly is it going to suck playing in the NL park in the World Series and losing Thome's bat? 


Dawg said...

Sine the stupid NL finally won an All Star game the NL team will have the home field advantage which means no Thome in 4 world series games:( I guess that just sets the stage for a game 7, walk off Thome HR at Coors Field. After the win, Thome and a few boys will probably celebrate with Mrs. Rockies Guy.

snacks said...

It's pretty obvious the point of putting Mauer behind the plate last night was to get them reacquainted for the playoffs. I think I read somewhere in some article that Gardy even said that. Even gardy isn't dumb enough to sit Thome or Mauer to put Butera behind the plate in the playoffs.

So the lack of news regarding Morneau means he's not coming back right? What a pussy.

Dawg said...


I guess that just sets the stage for a game 7, pinch hit, walk off Thome HR at Coors Field.