Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elite 8 Preview (Saturday's Games)

Even though my bracket picks have sucked, I've rocked the gambling this year and specifically last round (not posted but I won 8 units on the Tennessee moneyline, which was a hedge against my OSU 75-1 future), so let's keep on posting.  I'm going to attempt to keep this brief since it's Saturday, but sometimes I get carried away so no promises.

KENTUCKY -4.5 vs. WEST VIRGINIA.  At this point there is little doubt that Kentucky is the favorite to win since every other "contender" has been eliminated, but if you look closer they haven't been overly impressive, other than in margin of victory.  Their three wins are over East Tennessee, a rapidly crashing Wake Forest, and a completely over-matched Cornell.  I'm not belittling this team, because I think they are starting to come together at the right time, but West Virginia will be by far the best team they've played this tournament, and a team that can deal with both their size and athleticism.  Both teams are awfully good defensively as well, so I'm expected a slug-fest.  THE PICK:  West Virginia +4.5, 3 units (BONUS PICK:  UNDER 133, 3 units)

KANSAS STATE -4 vs. BUTLER.  I still can't believe Butler beat the Cuse, even though that win might not be as impressive you'd think if you hadn't watch the game.  Syracuse seemed to be in cruise control mode for the first 35 minutes or so, almost like they were waiting for Butler to go away, and when they didn't the Orange panicked, and starting jacking some of the dumbest and worst shots, completely unopen and early in the shot clock and shot themselves right out of the game.  Of course Butler won't just go away, they're pesky and white like that.  But have you seen Kansas State?  They aren't going to wait for the Bulldogs to go away, they're going to attack and attack and attack.  I was very wrong about this Wildcat team, which is yet more evidence that making judgments about a team without having seen them play all year is not a very good way to evaluate a team.  THE PICK:  Kansas State -4, 4 units

And how freaking good is Durrell Summers?  Good god.  I really hope he decides to ill-advisedly go pro, because I'm not looking forward to having to watch Hoffarber try to guard him next year.

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No time for a post:

Baylor +4.5, 5 units
Mich State +2, 2 units
Baylor/Duke OVER 140, 2 units
Tenn/MSU UNDER 137, 2 units
W. Chism +1.5 pts/rebs vs. R. Morgan, 1 unit
D. Summers -1 pt vs. S. Hopson, 1 unit
K.Udoh +2.5 pts/rebs vs. Singler, 1 unit
L. Dunn -2 pts vs. J. Scheyer, 2 units