Friday, November 10, 2017

Smell ya Later?

This is not an easy post to write.  And not because I think I'm important or anything dumb like that because I know I'm just another voice in the sea of the internet and that's fine.  Because this is a place where I was able to dump my words for, what, 8 years.  Whether I was writing about the Gophers, or the Twins, or a movie I was watching, or just drunk in a hotel room traveling for work people responded.  And that was the best.  The interacting.  This blog was always a special place for me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, time moves on.  It sucks up all of us.  It just moves.  Priorities change, even if we don't want them to do. Interests change. And although I am a huge gopher fan, I didn't even know they play Ohio State tomorrow.  That was a huge realization for me.  How can I write about something I no longer obsess about, especially as what can best be described as a niche blogger?

You could say I've cooled because the product is so bad this year, and that's fair.  And who's to say I won't jump back in whole hog next season?  But right now, and all season, and to be fair last season as well, I just don't have it anymore.

In the old days we'd have 10-20 comments on each post. Now I might get 1-2 every once in a while and that's on me.  It's not the same.  It's been obvious for a while, and anyone who has read this shit knows it, I'm checked out.  Moving on.  Being a grown up?

Thank you, those who have read over the years.  Thank you to those who have kept commenting even more (rghrbek, john r) but I just don't have the fire for this.  It's an after thought.  Not a priority.  And not why I started doing this.

I started this right when Tubby was hired, but it wasn't why.  I had always wanted my own place to share my thoughts on the team, for years, and I finally jumped in then.  And it was a great time.  It became my own place.  I had friend, family, and just random fans commenting and it became more than I ever expected, no matter how small it was it became special.  And it always will be to me, and thank you to all of you who cared.  It was a good run.

I got to interact with Amelia, Marcus, Nadine, and Myron.  My thoughts were published in the Star Tribune.  I got to show my parents how cool i was.  I love everything about having this blog, and thank you all who cared.

I will always be on twitter.  But I think this is good bye.

small edit to put this at the top.  I'm done.  Thanks all.


Piffle Dragon said...

Ooof. Really, really sad.

Piffle Dragon said...

Ooof. Really, really sad.

rghrbek said...

Thanks for doing the blog. When you posted, which we all noticed was becoming more infrequent, you were my favorite blog. You called it like it was. Obviously your readers were asses like myself, which made reading the comments fun.

Let's hope the passion comes back (maybe like the gophers b-ball program and your boy Dozier's OB%).

You will be missed bro!

Go Lynx!

Dawg said...

WWW, I'm sorry I could no longer carry this blog with my witty, combustible, inflammatory comments. I too have been busy for the past 4 years, and honestly forget that you still had this. My bad buddy.

Remember how mad Shane Schilling's family would get when you would call Gavin his brother?

Remember how you said Steph Curry would be a garbage NBA player or Brian Dozier was horrible? I will miss having such easy searchable access to your horrible takes.

Remember how upset random Colonial Conference super fans would get if you didn't rank their team high enough in your pre-season rankings. As if you knew anything about that conference or their teams. The super fans sure thought you did.

In all seriousness, you are a hell of a writer, that you used (stole) statistical analysis and presented it in usually interesting manner. You had a voice that was recognizable to 10's of people nationwide.

The goph's could be dreadful for quite some time, but the Twins will be back to their winning ways next year. Perhaps you could rebrand as Down with TC The Bear?

Love ya buddy and thanks for all of your hard work. Look forward to reading you again in the future when that fire has been re-ignited.


Kevin Werner said...

Farewell, I always checked in every couple days hoping for a new post. Bummed you won't finish the Tubby player rankings. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I havent commented very often but have always enjoyed this blog. Thanks for all the great reading material and hopefully an entertaining twins season can inspire a downwithgoldy comeback.

Loretta8 said...

Sorry to see you go, dude. Always loved this place. So many memories, between the Schilling family feud comment section and the love of the great Luka Mirkovic. You lasted a hell of a lot longer than most people do in the blogging game.

Godspeed, and see you on the Twitter.

WWWWWW said...

Thanks dudes.

John R said...

I - am - bummed!!! This was the most interesting Minnesota sports blog I read, by a long shot. You did it your way my friend, and that was the most interesting thing about it. I will never forget when you were live blogging a Gopher b-ball game and ended a sentence about a failed possession with ::fartnoise::

I don't know why but I laughed my ass off. You accomplished that feat often.

I had to make a decision recently similar to the one you are making now. The difference was I was finally stepping down to allow another person to take my place. That is not the case here. I doubt I will find another blog like this anytime soon. Which is making me all the sadder.

Do not release your grip on the Minnesota sports scene. Please keep making your thoughts and opinions known to the public, because they are thoughtful, realistic, and hilarious. And never say never, because if you were to hop back on here during Spring Training, I will be very grateful and forget this whole thing ever happened.

God Bless my brother.


Anonymous said...

You have a great sense of humor, good insight and a unique voice / writing style -- all of which have been very helpful to keep things interesting during the tough Gophers basketball seasons over the last several years. Thanks and good luck!

Hopefully you and the Gophers make a comeback next year.

Rudnicki said...


Craig said...

I only discovered this about 2½ years ago. Really enjoyed it! The sports chat was great, but your movie reviews were just as entertaining. Perhaps instead of folding up shop you could do a monthly update. There will always be a movie that needs to be cut to pieces. Take care. Hope to hear from you again.

Gary Brink said...

Hey, it's okay with your fan base to sway away time to time from your passion. I've been passionate about Gopher BB since Dutcher and have have found you to be a huge source of invigoration! Thanks for being honest! That doesn't mean you're not being read, rather, perhaps your lack of passion is about what we all see in the current empty seats. Who would have ever thought? Stay with us, keep writing, even when there are no stories to write. We read and need someone like you to tell us a story, even when there isn't one to write.


rghrbek said...

Well we could all put our random thoughts in here, to pay homage to Wwww.

For instance, Jim Callhoun in HD, is a horrible horrible's a struggle enough to watch the gophers play, then I get to see Mr. Age spot/crater face, up close. Jesus.

The Hoff said...

Only found this blog a year or so ago. Sorry it's over. It was seemingly on life support for a while. Damn the gophers for sucking hard enough to finally kill it. You won't care, but I'll write this anyway. I have another friend that had a blog very similar to this but replace gophers with jayhawks (despite being from Grand Forks). When I found this, I told all my friends and him that you are the Minnesota "his name here." Writing style and sense of humor similarities are uncanny. Even with your last post title, it rings true, as one of his go-to lines when dismissing something is, "smell ya." Don't believe me, check out the archives. He also quit his blog (summer 2014). Eff word.

Barry said...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

Anonymous said...

Why am I still checking here for updates.

John R said...


Anonymous said...


TW said...

I’ve never enjoyed reading a blog more and was so excited to get into the gopher b-ball team this year with you. The takes were unique and I always hated Tubby so that helped. The love hate relationship for lefty gunners was always a favorite for me as well. Maybe just a post before or after big games this year? Can’t quit on a final four year man.

Fat Whistle said...

One year later, and you've not been missed.