Thursday, July 2, 2015

Best Gophers of the Tubby Era: #34-31

Throughout the summer I'll be writing up each of the 34 players who played for the University of Minnesota under Tubby Smith.  Why Tubby?  Because it's the most recent era that's over.  If this goes well perhaps I'll go back and do Monson as well.  I'll be looking at any player who played at Minnesota under Tubby at some point, even if it was just a year.  And I will be considering their entire Gopher career, so guys who started under Monson or finished under Pitino will have their whole career considered, but anyone who transferred in or out is only evaluated on their Gopher stats.  With me?  Here we go:

34.  DOMINIQUE DAWSON (2010-2011).
-  This is the one guy I actually don't remember, perhaps because he only played in 10 games in his career totaling just 23 minutes.  Unfortunately he only managed four shot attempts and missed them all, and since he never got to the line he ended his Gopher career with 0 total points.  Following the 2011 season Dawson transferred to Division II Kentucky-Wesleyan where he averaged 9.5 points and 6.5 rebounds his senior year.  Good for him.

33.  BRYANT ALLEN (2009-2010).
-  I remember Allen, though maybe only because he was going to be a two sport star.  Unfortunately he totaled just 7 points on the basketball court (and 21 receptions on the football field) in his brief time as a Gopher.  He would then transfer to Illinois State in a recently completed trade for Reggie Lynch and Zach Lofton and drop football to concentrate on hoops.  He averaged 8.3 points per game for the Redbirds across two seasons, then was dismissed from the team because of drugs.  Well, being arrested for drugs.

32.  WALLY ELLENSON (2012-2014).
-  He has better stats than a few guys who I'm ranking above him but that's mostly because of his playing time coming from his family using his younger, better brother to hold the coaches hostage.  He played in 9 games in both of his seasons here and was terrible.  He flashed an insane amount of athleticism to be sure, but shot just 31% for his career on his way to a total of 34 points, mostly because he absolutely loved to shoot and did not care one little bit if he, or anyone else, was open.  He also only managed one career steal despite being one of the most athletic guys on the court every time he stepped out there.  Basically he was terrible, a chucker, and a whiner with a over involved meddling family and a complete waste of a scholarship.  He's at Marquette now and regains eligibility next season so that should be fun.  I wish I could rank him lower.

31.  CHRIS HALVORSEN (2011-2013).
-  I only sort of remember Halvorsen, kind of like if you go to a fourth of July cookout at your wife's friends and one of her friend's husband is there and you get introduced and you make a note that he's the douche wearing his sunglasses backwards.  He's a Minnesota kid from Henry Sibley who originally played at Valparaiso before transferring back to walk-on for the Gophers in a move that seems backwards.  He didn't play much for the Crusaders so maybe he decided well whatevs, I'd rather sit the bench for the home team which is kind of nice.  Played two years and in 16 games totaling 31 minutes, scoring a total of five points.  Seems like a good guy.

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