Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Super Bowl! Check it out at SportBet!

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, again, and as such I am gambling on it.  At the end of this post I will list everything I bet on, and they're all really smart bets so you should probably tail me. Want to know more about the Super Bowl this Sunday?  Check Sportbet.com for more news and odds.

The whole deflated football controversy is complete nonsense, although watching people get all twisted up inside about it is hilarious on both sides.  It's not really that hard to figure out.  The Patriots probably did something semi shady but also likely not strictly prohibited by the rules.  Many other teams probably do many similar things.  Or, more likely, it was something like the refs didn't really check the balls or something even more innocent.  Really, who cares if a ball is slightly deflated, do we really think it makes that much of a difference?  Morons, the lot of you.

As far as the game, I really don't know but I think and expect it to be close.  I think both teams will try to establish the running game, and if New England can get Blount going it's going to be a rough day for Seattle, because if they start having to commit to the run Brady should be able to pick them apart with some play action and short stuff.  The other way I see New England winning is getting ahead early, because Russell Wilson just isn't the kind of QB who can come back from a big deficit.  I know they came back against Green Bay but that had nothing to do with Wilson and if you think it did it's because you love him so much and want to marry him.  Green Bay screwed themselves at least three different ways.  God you Wilson lovers are the worst.  I don't even like the Patriots and I'm just praying that they win.  Anyway, here's my bets:

Due to a combination of a Patriots future I made last week at 2-1 to win and a whole bunch of teasers I'm guaranteed to make a profit on the game no matter what because somehow I've nailed every teaser (leaving one side of the Super Bowl) I made last week.  Best case scenario is a Patriots win by less than 7 or a Seahawk win by less than 7.  I make money even if one team blows the other out, but if the game stays close we're going Sizzler.


Seattle First Penalty called
Katy Perry first song Roar
Ovechkin shots on goal over Wilson TD passes
Arsenal/Aston Villa total goals over Brady TD passes
Delon Wright points over Seattle first half points
Wilson TD passes over Sidney Crosby points
Blount under 4.5 receiving yards
Collins under 8.5 tackles
Revis under 2.5 tackles
Chung under 5.5 tackles
Wilfork under 2.5 tackles
Wagner u 9.5 tackles
Ninkovich u 4.5 tackles
Hightower u 7.5 tackles
Chancellor u 6.5 tackles
Thomas u 5.5 tackles
Wright u 6.5 tackles
McCourty u 4.5 tackles
Sherman u 3.5 tackles
New England longest kick return
Blount MVP
Blount first TD
Blount over 62.5 yards rushing
No defensive or special teams touchdown
Longest TD of the game under 44.5 yards
First punt over 42.5 yards
No roughing the passer penalty
Belichick wearing blue hoodie
Belichick wearing hoodie with sleeves cut off
Katy Perry with Brown/Black hair

No,  you have a gambling problem.

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