Thursday, September 19, 2013

Isaiah Whitehead will make his choice today [UPDATE: Seton Hall]

UPDATE:  It's Seton Hall.  They're also hiring his high school/AAU coach as an assistant, which I thought was illegal.  The whole thing got awfully stinky there towards the end between St. Johns and Seton Hall.  On to the weekend, and a big one it is.

At 1:30 central time, future superstar and one of the best scorers in the entire class of 2014, possible one-and-done talent Isaiah Whitehead will make his choice of which college to attend.  He has narrowed it down to St. Johns, Seton Hall, Indiana, Pitt, or Minnesota.  All the recruiting experts are saying signs point to St. Johns.  I think Indiana is a pretty good bet since Whitehead had originally said he would decide some time in November but then pushed the date up dramatically to today which just so happens to be the day before another highly regarded Indiana recruit, Robert Johnson, said he would announce and Johnson and Whitehead play the same position.  Finally, he tweeted this earlier today:

Which makes idiots like me think the Gophers still have a shot, despite Whitehead never visiting the campus (which does happen, remember Ja'Quan Newton?), mainly because I would really, really like for this kid to become a Gopher.

I'd say:

St. Johns 45%
Indiana 30%
Seton Hall 15%
Minnesota 10%

So you're saying there's a chance.

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Dawg said...

I guess that shoots a hole in the theory that the gophs let Marcura walk because they had Whitehead locked down. It's getting humiliating to watch this amount of rejection.

Does Florida Atlantic have anymore players we can pilfer to make sure we have at least a starting 5 in 2014-2015?