Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is Brian Dozier like, good?

Back on June 19 I wrote about some of the Twins' and how they'd looked so far this season and said I had pretty much given up on Brian Dozier being a future building block for the Twins.  Lately, it seems like Dozier has been in the news almost constantly and pretty much always positively, always seeming to be getting big hits.  It made me wonder if I was wrong, and maybe Dozier was starting to figure some things out at the plate.  So I checked it out:

Pre All-Star Break:  .235/.310/.386
Post All-Star Break: .226/.273/.403

So yeah.  I'm still right and this guy still sucks.  He's just been "clutch" in the past week or so and it's making everybody fall in love with his scruffy beard scruff.  Turns out his future is maybe as a utility guy in the mold of Denny Hocking or Jeff Reboulet with less plate discipline and more power.  And he's hitting lead off this year.  Obviously everything is going according to plan.


rghrbek said...

Agreed, people are getting a little too excited about the guy. He's been very good in the field, but is everyone truly happy with a .310 on base %?

He's a place holder until Rosario get's up here, and could be an ok utility guy who whiffs all the time. He's also 26 and in his prime....

Yes these are our twins.

Trevor Wegner said...

Despite all of this, his 2.3 WAR is good for 7th in the majors for qualifying second baseman. He's ahead of Brandon Phillips, Ian Kinsler, Jose Altuve and others.

Middle infielders are pretty sucky without boatloads of HGH I guess.