Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Relax, Nerds.

Ok, raise your hand if you thought the Gophers were going to get through this entire Big Ten schedule without dropping a road game they had no business losing, especially with Al Nolen out?  Are you raising your hand right now?  If you are, now drop that hand and smack yourself in the cubes because you are a retard. 

There was plenty to worry about tonight and maybe it's the beer talking but my plan is to just let this game slide.  The Gophers are still in good shape to get a bid, the emergence of Austin Hollins tonight can't be seen as anything except a huge positive, and if they hadn't completely embarrassed themselves at the free throw line they walk out of Bloomington with a win.  Sunshine and lollipops?  Sure.  Puppy dogs and ice cream?  Yeah, why not. 

I'm just not ready to freak out yet.  Usually the Gophers lose three or four of these games per year, and this is their first one (second if you want to count Virginia).  After they get smoked by Ohio State on Sunday they'll have a losing Big Ten record, but they'll be set up for a 10-8 conference record, and with their non-conference results they'll get in as a 7 seed and lose to VCU.

Toss the confetti.

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