Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Late Christmas!

By now you have all opened your presents and found yourself disappointed, but I have one last gift for you.  If you could have anything you want from this blog, what would you pick?  A live blog of a shark movie, right?  I know.  Well, I tried to watch Sharktopus and type it up, but I couldn't get past a half-hour in.  Maybe I wasn't drinking enough or something, but honestly that was so bad I couldn't even enjoy it.  And I've enjoyed some really, really crappy movies.  So my advice is to stay far, far, away from that turd.

So since you don't get that, what would be your second choice?  If you said a guest post from everybody's favorite rambling lunatic alcoholic vegan hockey fan, you're in luck.  Super Sioux Fan checked in out of the blue to send me this preview of some sort of I think hockey game between two teams I don't care about it.


UMD vs. UND SHOWDOWN TO THE DEATH(or something…)

What is crackin’ kids….SSF here…living the dream. Always.
Well it is that time of year again AFTER CHRISTMAS hockey. That is when my precious Sioux really kick it in to overdrive and who else to start off their ass kicking spree with than the gay ass Bulldogs. SUCK IT UMD. You want to know why I know UMD is super fucking gay? Cause look at some of its alumni:
Lorenzo Music

Now everyone knows the first 4 douchers but the ONLY cool famous person from UMD I could find with this guy…Lorenzo Music the voice of Garfield .

Cool UND alumni:
Phil Jackson
My dad- Dr. Jack Knopp
My sister-Future kick ass lawyer Cassie Marka
Mark O’Stuturd-the guy who invented Summit ..the greatest beer on earth
Ed Belfour-I got his autograph in 1st grade and thought I was the shit!
T.J. Oshie-UND’s #1 alcoholic
Jimmy Kleinsasser
Sally Smith-The president of Buffalo Wild Wings
Zach Parise-Currently the hottest man on earth (according to me)
Ralph Engelstad-#1 nazi
And honestly about 10 million more hockey players I don’t need to name. If you don’t know already then you suck ball congrats on sucking at life.

We play UMD Thursday for one game in their new stadium. Isn’t a new stadium opening kind of like homecoming….you should schedule the shittiest team to play you so you know you will win. Someone was clearly not thinking that one out.

More random shit…

-Dawger and I brought the future Mr. Hockey into this world in Oct.
He is pretty sweet but I don’t know how good of a hockey player he is going to be because he smiles a lot…like I think he might end up a legitimately nice person. What a waste.

-Dawger deals with his new parenting challenges with a case of pounders a week and I rely on coke zero and ice cream sandwiches. I‘d rather have the booze.

-My vagina did not rip after child there is a fun fact and a little info for you all… are. Welcome.
Sioux fan out bitches


Loretta8 said...

wtf was that?

ssf said...


Loretta8 said...

it was entertaining, just incredibly bizarre

WWWWWW said...

Loretta - if you aren't familiar with Super Sioux Fan's work, I suggest you find all posts with the tag "Super Sioux Fan's butt" and take a look.

She's insane.

WWWWWW said...

Actually check that. Look for posts with topic tag "Mama Dawger." Those look to be mostly the relevant ones.

snacks said...

SSF - you should remember to add to your list next time that your two favorite people in the world, The Todd and Optimator, are both also alumni of UMD

Brett Hull said...

Given that you let six consecutive freshman classes of UND hockey players run their johnsons up in you, I think it's a pretty safe bet that you could birth a Mack Truck and not rip.

SSF said...

El Todd and optimator are from there too??? Point proven.

Freshman? pshhhh.....hardly.